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All About Me

I am at my happiest when I am doing, planning or talking about art. I began my art career by becoming a certified "Bob Ross Instructor." I even mastered the Bob Ross technique and gave 30 minute demos for several years at the Missouri State Fair. I took and set up classes from various artists around the country, learning several techniques in portraits, animals, florals and landscapes. In 1995 I began taking art classes at Lincoln University and eventually switched to State Fair Community College in Sedalia. I have had five years of art and art history classes which include painting, drawing, ceramics, fibers, watercolor, printmaking and theory and design. You never learn it all.

I enjoy teaching a "painting in a day" most because it is a wonderful feeling to be able to instruct someone with little or no experience and have them complete a painting in just one day. It's wonderful for them to find that they too, with some instruction, can complete a painting in such a short time.

I am a member of the Jefferson City Art Club, Sedalia Visual Art Association and Best of Missouri Hands. I served on the board of the California Chamber of Commerce two years and Best of Missouri Hands two years. I was president of the Jefferson City Art Club two years. I owned and ran my own art studio for four years.

Winter Newsletter

2016 is already here!

I love my job so much, teaching and sharing the things I've learned.

This year I am going to be on the studio tour as part of a fundraiser through the Capital Arts. It's May 8th. Mothers Day. They are hoping that this is something people will enjoy doing together on that special day.

This is my 25 th year of teaching.

One of my goals for this year will be working on a book — "What I know About Oil Painting." My special classes that will be featured in the book, are already underway — Techniques#1, Techniques #2, Techniques #3. These classes will also help me to make sure I am not leaving some important parts out.

I am learning and growing in my glass fusing. I am now melting wine bottles and bigger pieces — up to 6". From jewelry, wine toppers, nite lights, small dishes, magnets to whatever your imagination comes up with, I will help you make it happen.

I know you are going to enjoy this year. So, get out and take a class doing something you are or might be interested in.

Happy Painting, fusing, felting....etc.